Our New Digital Printer

Over the last year our digital department has grown far more than we had ever expected.

In April 2015, we started digital printing on our new Aeoon printer that came all the way from Austria. The Aeoon printer gave us outstanding digital print quality, but the only down side was the time taken to print compared to the speed of screen-printing. Because of the time taken for orders to be produced, we decided to purchase another digital printer, but this time we ordered a new type of printer to make our digital department faster, efficient and more reliable.


The new printer we now have is called the d.gen digital printer and it operates on a roll to roll basis.


Printing process:

 To start the printing process the roll of fabric is manually attached to the back of the printer. The fabric on the roll is then manually fed through to the print area, through the dryer attached to the printer and then onto a cardboard tube which will be our printed roll. That’s some high tech machinery!


The main advantage of the d.gen printer is that no one is needed to operate the machine constantly. But someone just needs to check that the printer does not run out of fabric.

We have been using our new d.gen printer for just over a month now and we are all really impressed with the outstanding print quality and how the machine can operate mostly on it’s own.

Our digital department has grown a significantly and we think our new printer will greatly increase the speed of our digital printing.


Sam Biedul

Stuart Morris Textiles

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