Which came first the Chicken or the Easter Egg?

As it's Easter, we thought we'd treat you to not just our usual blog but a series of three exploring different elements of traditional Easter celebrations, with the modern twist you've come to expect from Stuart Morris Textiles. 

So as the title would suggest, we're starting at the very beginning (I'm reliably informed that it's a very good place to start!) with the chicken (or should that be the egg?)

Whilst in recent times the humble Easter Chick has played a rather more supporting role to the Easter Bunny, arguably without her there would be no Easter eggs in the first place. So this blog is a celebration of all things chicken and the incredibly positive effect they have on our lives.

Did you know that keeping or spending time with chickens can actually improve your wellbeing? In fact, in Gateshead, a scheme call HenPower was set up in 2012 to encourage men to reconnect with one another. The responses from those who have taken part have been so enthusiastic that some of the group decided to share their experiences with young people in schools.  The whole project has been such a success that in addition to it being expanded not only to include women but to several new areas of the U.K, it has also provided the inspiration for a new film by Meercat Films called the Hen Men. 

It's not practical for all of us to keep our own hen but our friends at the National Trust are here to show you how you can make one of your very own. 

Happy Easter from Stuart Morris Textiles
Happy Easter from Stuart Morris Textiles

As this month is National Pet Month it seems like the ideal time to show our faithful feathered friends how much we appreciate them and as a fellow female (albeit featherless) I always find a lovingly prepared meal to be one of the very nicest ways to show you care. So why not treat your chicks this Easter to a meal to remember from the experts at Copdock Mill

On Wednesday we'll be eggs-ploring the intricacies of egg decoration from around Europe. Until then, we'll leave you with a little Easter find courtesy of YouTube, the musical stylings of a rather larger variety of chicken, The Chickeneers. 

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