Some Totally Terrific Travelling Games

London Albert Bridge by Francis Farmar

In our last blog we took our readers on a ‘Whistle stop tour of Watercolour Britain’ to share with you some of the incredible places that inspired our newest collection.

All that talk about picnics and holiday travel got us thinking that it would be great to share some fun holiday games with you all, so that however you choose to travel you'll be enjoying yourselves, just like the travellers in this terrific painting by Francis Farmar (click the image to see more of his work.)

We’ve created some brand new games especially for you as well as adapting some firm favourites like Kim’s Game to keep parents, grandparents and children amused not only on the way to your holiday destination but even for days when the Sun just refuses to put it’s hat on!

The Picnic Basket – Travelling Version
also known as ‘I went on a picnic and in my basket I put… ‘

The first player, we’ll call them The Narrator, starts the story with:

“I went on a picnic and in my basket I put” and then completes the sentence with their first item.

e.g: “ I went on a picnic and in my basket I put a marmalade sandwich.”

(Hmm, marmalade sandwiches, I wonder who our narrator is… can you guess?)

The next player repeats the first line and then adds their choice for the picnic. Like this:

“ I went on a picnic and in my basket I put a marmalade sandwich and some homemade lemon drizzle cake.”

As the game continues and your picnic basket gets more and more full with yummy goodies, it get’s more difficult. Try it yourself and see how many items you can remember.

JUST FOR THE ADULTS: (well we wouldn’t want them to feel left out…)

Why not try this game as an icebreaker at your next dinner party. Descriptions can be as simple or as detailed as you like depending upon the age of the players. You can even add in some of your favourite meals if you want, like this;

“I went on a picnic and in my basket I put a delicious herby burger from Hello Fresh and a bottle of …!”

Did you guess who our narrator was? Click here to see if you were right.

Roll the dice to collect your picnic.
Roll the dice to collect your picnic.
What will you put in yours?
What will you put in yours?
Don't forget your 5 a day!
Don't forget your 5 a day!

The Picnic Basket Game – deluxe version!

For all those budding artists out there and we know there are plenty of you because we’re the lucky ones who get to print your pictures! You can make your very own Picnic Basket Game, ideal for a rainy day or when everyone else is taking a well-earned rest.

To make the game you will need the following for each person who would like to play:

1 x picnic basket or lunch box

6 different items to collect for your basket


1 x dice

1 x Winner’s Tea Towel

Each item for the basket gets numbered from 1-6. These are suggestions but you can choose whatever you’d like.

#1 – A fish paste sandwich

#2 – A packet of cheese and onion crisps 

#3 – An apple

#4 – A sausage roll

#5 – A piece of lemon cake

#6 – A flask of tea

TIP: Learn how to make your own dice here.

Each person takes it in turn to throw the dice and collect that number item to put in their basket. The winner is the person who gets all the items in their basket first and they are awarded with The Winner’s Tea Towel! 

(We've shown you an idea for a design below but you can choose whatever design you'd like.)

What's your favourite picnic treat?
What's your favourite picnic treat?
Why not try making your own Winner's Tea Towel
Why not try making your own Winner's Tea Towel
Mmm, lemon cake! Click the picture for the recipe.

You can choose to make your game out of paper, out of fabric or like us, make the contents for your picnic basket out of paper and make your Winner’s Tea Towel from fabric.

Always remember to ask an adult for help with cutting and sewing

Quick Tip: If you don’t feel like making the ingredients, why not make a 3D version by using your own lunch instead.

Remember you can’t start eating your sandwich until you get a #1 but you might get to eat your cake first if that’s the number on the dice! Hey, you didn’t make the rules!! Hehe!

Picnic Basket Memory Game

Turn the picnic game into a new version of Kim’s (memory) Game for a rainy holiday day by laying out your picnic hamper on a tray and seeing how many items you can remember after it gets covered with the picnic blanket.

The winner gets to pick the very first sandwich filling for a real picnic. Here are some tasty sandwich filling suggestions from Sainsbury’s.



Who can see a sign to….

Helps to teach navigation and keep focus on the journey to your destination. Plan your route before you leave and the kids can look out for your next ‘point of reference.’ Whilst your learning the roads, they're having fun and any wrong turns will just make you all laugh!

Best BBQ Bites

You will need:

Paper plates

A pencil

Pens or coloured pencils

What would you like for the BBQ? The family each draw what they’d like and then you take your plates shopping for the ingredients at your local supermarket. You can find your favourite BBQ snack and help your parents save money all at the time. Plus it's far more fun than a shopping list!!

Postcards home

All you need is some blank card (try the inside of a cereal box) and some pens.

Make your very own postcard of your favourite holiday spot. The perfect present for your grandparents or school friends and you get to tell your parents what you really like to do on holiday at the same time, so they can get planning for the next one!

Sneaky huh! Hehe

Packed and ready...

Do you already have your own winning tea towel design? Perhaps you've got the perfect plan for a handy beach bag. Get in touch with our Team and let's get it printed for real. 

Have happy and safe travels everyone and feel free to send us your own picnic game pictures. We'd love to see your artwork. 

With Best Wishes from All at Stuart Morris Textiles 

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