Wholesale blank stock


We can supply high quality wholesale blank products for printing available for your own printing and textile projects. From wholesale blank tea towels for printing and blank cotton bags to blank cotton adult and children's aprons, our blank stock is of the highest quality. Whatever your project, our bulk blank tea towels for printing is durable and affordable.

Outstanding quality cloth from our own designated looms.

Here at Stuart Morris we take great pride in the superior quality of our cotton wholesale blank products for printing.  Our blank textile products are specially woven to our very specific quality requirements on our own designated looms. We have developed and perfected these fabrics over the years to provide our customers with;

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Stuart viewing the cotton plants
Our cloth being packed ready to be shipped to us
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We have a long standing relationship with our weaver and textile finisher. Volume sewing is carried out to the highest craft standards. Our in house sewing team have many years of experience handling these fine textiles to create our wholesale blank stock.

Stuart has visited the cotton growing fields and regularly visits the wonderful crafts men and women involved in producing these very special textiles.

We are a truly international team committed to a natural, eco friendly, textile product. Our cloth is GOTs certificated (Global Organic Textile Standard). We respect the planet and those working on it.

tea towels

Our finest quality 169gsm white combed cotton, features a plain weave whilst being soft to handle and highly absorbent. Our most popular choice for blank tea towels. Bleached white or natural colour.

100% Cotton tea towels

Our 100% premium cotton blank tea towels for printing are prepared and finished to the highest standard. Made from the best grade of cotton and super absorbent, they are ideal for everyday use.

Premium cotton tea towel specification

  • Available in bleached white and natural finishes
  • 78cms x 48cms in size (sizes can slightly vary)
  • Made from 169gsm
  • Hemmed on the two longer sides
White cotton fabric

Linen Union tea towels

The blank linen union tea towel is a 50% linen 50% cotton mix, bleached white. It offers a more open weave and is a very popular product.

Linen union tea towel specification

  • Available in bleached white finish
  • 78cms x 48cms in size (sizes can slightly vary)
  • Made from 185gsm, 50% cotton 50% linen
  • Hemmed on the two longer sides
linen union

A 50% blend of finest quality linen and cotton. Plain weave, 185gsm with a beautiful texture offers strength and softness of handle. A popular choice for  high end tea towels.

Cotton Shopping bags

These blank cotton bags are available in natural or a variety of colours. Blank Natural cotton bags are available with short (33cm) or long (66cm) handles and are perfect for printing. Coloured cotton bags have long (66cm) handles.

Cotton Bag Specification

  • 38cms (w) x 42cms (h) in size
  • 6.5oz weight
  • 14 litre capacity

Custom cotton bags are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. These  personalised cotton bags can be an inexpensive gift to sell in your shop as well as a means to promote your organisation.

cotton bags
canvas bags

Canvas Shopping bags

These blank canvas bags for printing are available in natural calico or natural with coloured gussets and handles. Bags are available with short (33cm) or long (66cm) handles. Coloured bags are available with long (66cm) handles.

Canvas Bag Specification

  • 42cms (h) x 38cms (w) in size (sizes can slightly vary)
  • 10oz weight
  • 30 litre capacity
  • 10cm gusset

100% Cotton aprons

With a choice of both white, natural and coloured cotton our blank 100% cotton drill aprons are available in toddler, child and adult sizes and a great for printing.

Toddler Apron Specification

  • 36.5cm x 50.5cm (sizes can slightly vary)
  • 100% heavyweight cotton drill

Child Apron Specification

  • 56cm x 80.5cm in size (sizes can slightly vary)
  • 100% heavyweight cotton drill

Adult Apron Specification

  • 63cm x 87.5cms in size (sizes can slightly vary)
  • 100% heavyweight cotton drill

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