Equinox Astrology

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We have recently printed a very interesting design for Equinox Astrology. It shows the moon phases throughout the year, including New Moons, Full Moons, Solstices, Equinoxes and Eclipses.

Equinox Astrology was founded by Robert Currey in 1981 and is still run today by Robert and his wife Karen. In 1989, widespread demand for their Equinox charts led them to open an Astrology Shop in Covent Garden, Central London. Now in its fourth decade, the Astrology Shop is still flourishing and is universally acknowledged as the leading astrological shop in the world. Since then Equinox extended with licensee shops all around the world including Paris, Johannesburg and the USA.

Robert and Karen are currently residing in the Isle of Man, focusing on the provision of the Equinox range of charts through the web and by mail. Much of Roberts’s time is spent in research, writing, consulting, programming and lecturing at exhibitions and conferences in the USA, UK, Australia and Ireland.

To the right is a brilliant photo that Karen sent to us of the finished Moon Calendar thats out on the line. We think they look great and hope that all of their customers agree. Karen explains that "The thing about the moon calendars is that they really resonate with people. The moon is the only object in the sky that changes shape, and because of this, to ancient people, it reflected the cyclical nature of life.  So many people use the lunar cycle for planning – everything from gardening, to yoga, to business ventures." Definitely something to think about!

You can visit their website or Facebook page below for full information on all that Equinox Astrology offer.






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