Artists in the Picture – Laura Stoddart

This week’s blog takes a look at the artist Laura Stoddart. Recently awarded the London Stationary Award 2017 she is the ideal artist to start our new series of blogs ‘Artists in the Picture.’

Already a household name for her humour and romantic attitude, her artwork is at the same time celebratory and profound.

Yellow poppy from the award winning In Bloom Collection
Yellow poppy from the award winning In Bloom Collection
'Camellia' by Laura Stoddart. Winner of London Stationary Awards 2017
'Camellia' by Laura Stoddart. Winner of London Stationary Awards 2017

After training first at Brighton College of Art and then at the Royal College of Art in London, much of Laura’s work focuses on her passions for the outdoors and interior design.

As our namesake William Morris once said “If I were asked to say what is at once the most important production of Art and the thing most longed for, I should answer a beautiful house.’ (taken from Laura Stoddart’s book Up the Garden Path: A Little Anthology.)

Laura’s light hearted depictions of our relationship to our homes are at the same time beautifully detailed and humbling.

One of our favourite collections is a series of flowers from which you can really appreciate the charm of her figurines. In her work Humanity stands small beside nature whilst at the same time holding it up. A comment perhaps on our responsibilities to the world in which we live.

As the youngest ever artist to design a collection of Christmas stamps for the Royal Mail, the joy in her drawings is clear for all to see. Laura's now instantly recognisable style already evident, particularly in her depictions of trees. View the full Christmas 1996 collection by clicking on the image to the right.

As well as tea-towels, Laura’s designs translate perfectly on to bags, cards and paper and can be found on some of the nations favourite brands. For more information about Laura’s products visit her website where you can also purchase prints of some of her most well known pieces.

1st Class stamp from Laura's winning Christmas (1996) collection for Royal Mail.
An example from Laura's 'Musical Chairs' collection.
An example from Laura's 'Musical Chairs' collection.

Our relationship to our home is a special one indeed and in her book ‘Up the Garden Path’ these illustrations combine with the words of some of the World’s greatest thinkers. It’s fascinating to read, for example the importance that John Claudius Loudon places on a sofa or that the daughter of Louis XIV holds her armchair responsible for her failure to become a nun!

But whilst the fun is evident, there are unspoken words of wisdom here too. That we must remember that in our homes however great or small they may be, sometimes the smallest things mean the most.

'(There is) no furniture so charming as books, even if you never open them, or read a single word.' Sydney Smith (1771-1845) taken from Up the Garden Path.

We are always excited to hear from new upcoming artists and here at Stuart Morris Textiles we are happy to accommodate smaller orders as well as our larger clients.

So if you have a design you’d like to see practically realised please do get in touch with our design team who can offer helpful, friendly advice on how best to get your ideas turned into products. Our warmest congratulations again to Laura on her award and who knows, this time next year it could be your designs we're writing about.

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