Our Design Service

our design service

Stuart Morris prides itself on the innovative creativity of it’s art studio. Stuart himself has always been impassioned by the visual arts and exhibits his contemporary prints and paintings worldwide. As such we feel the studio is unique and our special team of experienced illustrative artists and designers are here to meet the most challenging of briefs. Our ethos is to combine painting and illustration with the technical support of computer aided design. Over the years we have established a reputation for being one of the very best in this area and we have enjoyed working on projects from the most prestigious customers.


Why not let us design you a range for your retail outlet.


Many artists supply us with their original artwork and we are here to interpret it in the most sensitive way. Once finalised we are able to present it and sample it on our wide range of printed products. Digital textile print samples can be prepared immediately for client’s approval.

Our team are here to help you and we know how important for sales it is to get the design right with the correct point of sale packaging. As such we are able to use our commercial experience to create a product that will ‘fly off the shelf’.

If you wish to meet up with one of our artists we will be happy to visit, alternatively come down to our studio at your convenience.


Our Design Studio

Our designers hard at work!


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